Hi! My name is Nevin Mital. Welcome to my website!
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at nevmital@umich.edu if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!


Each website in this section exposed me to new and unique website design techniques as well as taught me new skills, primarily in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (including jQuery). Some of my later projects and exercises (not featured here) have used AngularJS, PHP, Wordpress, and Drupal as well.
Please note that none of the websites have a link back to this page in order to preserve their state when I stopped working on them (sorry!), so please bookmark this page if you plan to return :)

Below is the link to the first website I created, A Greener Home. It was developed for the Business Professionals of America (BPA) Web Site Design event in 2013. The theme was "Alternative Energy" and the website won first place at the Regional Level. I came into the project with a little Javascript knowledge, but I was introduced to HTML and CSS for the first time.

A Greener Home

Below is the link to the second website I created, Adventuries. This website was developed for the BPA Web Site Design event in 2014. The theme this time around was "Travel Agency." In this project I continued to enhance my HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge.


Below is the link to a website I created for the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Indus Center for Academic Excellence (ICAE). I started with a pre-built template for this website as it was during the school year and I was only given a week to work on it, but the template was heavily modified to fit the content that ICAE wanted.

ICAE 20th Anniversary Conference

I have been a member of the MHacks Core Team, helping out with Front-End Web Development, since December 2015. As a member of this team, I've learned a lot about incorporating UX into cool, quirky designs. The websites we've built previously used Ruby on Rails and now use Django. Check out the current iteration of the website by clicking on the MHacks logo!



This section will house the games that I have made and might also have demos of games I'm currently working on. I use the Unity Game Engine and script in C#.
I develop under the name SigmanZero.

SigmanZero Logo

In an effort to start creating a brand for myself, this is the logo I made to go along with the name SigmanZero. From left to right, the symbols in this logo are the lowercase Greek letter "sigma," the logical symbol for "and," and the number "zero." Together, they make "sigma 'n' zero," or more simply, SigmanZero! Not only that, but the symbols are also arranged to look like a face with a skeptical expression, as I like to view life with a healthy skepticism.

Speedy Sponge

Check out my Android game, Speedy Sponge, on the Google Play Store!

Get Speedy Sponge on Google Play

My current project is a to-be-named puzzle game, demo coming soon!

Puzzle Game

Below are games that I made for Ludum Dare events in which the goal is to make a game from scratch to finish in the span of a weekend (48 hours for the Compo or 72 hours for the Jam).

The first Ludum Dare I participated in was Ludum Dare 33 in August 2015. The theme was "You are the Monster." I wasn't particularly excited about the theme, but wanted to participate nonetheless. I entered the Jam so that I would have the extra 24 hours since I already had commitments that weekend. Of course I wish I could have added and refined more, but considering that the total time I worked on the game was an estimated 35 hours, overall I'm fairly happy with the final result. I spent way too much time developing the random map generation algorithm and tweaking player movement which didn't leave enough time for the variety that I wanted in the quests - a good lesson for the next Ludum Dare. I definitely enjoyed taking part in the competition and look forward to Ludum Dare 34 in December! Use the button above to download the game I made, Cube City, for Windows.

I participated in Ludum Dare 34, my second Ludum Dare, in December 2015. This time around, for the first time in Ludum Dare history, the theme was a tie! As such, we had the option to choose "Two Button Controls" and/or "Growing" for our game's theme. Unfortunately the timing of this Ludum Dare was right in the middle of finals week for my freshman year in college, so I couldn't spend too much time on the game. Nevertheless, I resolved to have a completed project and entered the Jam again for those extra 24 hours. I'm much more satisfied with this game than what I produced for LD33, mostly due to the fact that I had a much better grasp of how large of a project would be feasable. Very early on I decided the game would be based on a single song rather than multiple and that the graphics would be very minimalistic. One important feature I missed but would have liked to have implemented was a progress bar to see how much of the song had passed. Once again I fully enjoyed taking part in the competition and am excited for Ludum Dare 35 in April 2016! Use the buttons above to either play a browser version of or download (for Windows) the game I made, MusiChaos.

Post-Jam comments for LD 35 Coming Soon...

Post-Jam comments for LD 36 Coming Soon...

Note: Slime Siege is an Android game.


Any other projects that I really enjoyed or would like to show off will appear here.

I participated in MHacks VI with a group of my friends in September 2015. In 36 hours, we cranked out Songify, an application that converts tweets into songs. You input a hashtag and the application pulls four tweets that use that hashtag and generates a song based on several properties of the tweets, including their mood. Our plan was originally to use Unity3D to develop the front-end, which I was in charge of, but about 16 hours before the deadline I was unable to run the Java back-end from Unity, so I learned and switched to JavaFX at the last moment. Overall, it was a blast and we came up with a pretty nice application, especially for our first hackathon. I'll definitely be going to MHacks VII!

This is an Animated Text video I made for my Literature class in 2015 using Microsoft PowerPoint. It was difficult to find the correct balance between cool visual effects and timings versus legibility but I enjoyed the challenge.

ICAE Brochure v.1
ICAE Brochure v.2

Here are a couple brochure covers I designed in Adobe Photoshop for the same ICAE conference as the above website. Unfortunately my design wasn't chosen because the Board of Directors said they were too colorful. Regardless, I was pretty happy with how they turned out.
(Click on a cover to see a larger view)

These are some graphics and documents I created as President of the Business Professionals of America chapter at my high school during the 2014-2015 school year.

BPA Flyer
BPA Logo
BPA Sponsor Form

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